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How can I add a Zoom meeting recording to Valuecase?
How can I add a Zoom meeting recording to Valuecase?

Learn how to embed zoom meeting recordings in the content block.

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There are two options to make zoom meeting recordings directly available in Valuecase.

You can either embed your Zoom recordings directly into Valuecase. Or, you can download the video from Zoom and upload the video file.

Note: We strongly recommend to use the embed functionality for recordings of long session. Uploading large files to Valuecase can decrease page speed and long recordings, may exceed our file upload limit.

Embed zoom meeting recordings

You can embed your Zoom recordings directly into Valuecase, circumventing the need for cumbersome downloading and uploading steps. This not only enhances sharing convenience but also prompts further engagement from your buyers by inviting them to revisit the space to access shared recordings. Here's how it works:

  1. Copy the Shareable Link from Zoom

    • After your Zoom meeting is recorded, access the recording from the Zoom platform. Choose to store the recording in Zoom’s cloud storage.

    • Once processed, copy the shareable link from Zoom.

    • Please note that you need to set the Zoom access settings in the section "Who can view" to "Everyone with the recording link".

  2. Embedding in Valuecase

    • Navigate to your Valuecase space and select the content block or interactive list block where you wish to embed the recording.

    • In the sidebar click on "Add media item".

    • In the pop-up that opens, click on the Zoom logo and paste the shareable link.

    • Finally, click on "embed".

Upload zoom meeting recordings into Valuecase.

If you find the embedding option unsuitable for any reason, you also have the alternative to download Zoom meeting recordings and upload the files directly to Valuecase. Here's how:

  1. Download the video from Zoom.

    • Navigate to Zoom's Recordings page.

    • Click the Download button for the recording you wish to download.

  2. Upload the video to Valuecase

    • Navigate to your Valuecase space and select the block were you wish to upload the Zoom recording.

    • In the sidebar select "Add media item".

    • Upload the recording file via the pop-up window that opens.

    • Give the file recording a meaningful name (optional) and confirm that you wish to upload the file.

    Now, your Zoom recording will be accessible directly from your Valuecase space!

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