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Buyer E-Mail Notifications FAQ
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Notification & User management

Can I select for which events my buyer will get notifications?

Yes. You can customise notification settings by event type for each stakeholder individually.

For example, you can activate 'Task due today' notifications and 'Task assigned' for Buyer A, but only 'Milestone done' notifications for Buyer B.

Do all stakeholders in the user list receive all the e-mail notifications?

No. You can select not to activate notifications for certain stakeholders and select different email notifications for each buyer.

Are stakeholders who make a comment automatically added to the list?

Yes, buyers who make a comment are added automatically to the user list and subscribed for 'All comments' notification. Buyers are informed when writing a comment, that we notify them about replies.

Can my buyers set email preferences themselves?

Currently, buyers cannot set individual email preferences and can only unsubscribe from all email notifications at once.

Do the emails contain an unsubscribe link?

Yes, all emails contain an unsubscribe link.

What happens if the buyer unsubscribes?

If a buyer unsubscribes, they will be automatically stop receiving emails from Valuecase. You can also view in the notification settings, which buyers have unsubscribed.

How can I re-subscribe my buyer, if they accidentally unsubscribed?

You can not re-subscribe a buyer yourself. We deliberately, do not offer this function to protect the privacy your buyers' privacy.

If a buyer unsubscribed accidentally please contact the Valuecase team via chat, email or slack and ask for your buyer to be re-subscribed. In order to do so, we need written confirmation that your buyer agrees to be re-subscribed to the email notifications.

Can I send notifications to buyers not in the space?

Buyers don't need to have accessed the space in order to obtain emails. But they should be aware and have consented that you added them to the notifications. Please note: When you add a user to the list to subscribe them to email notifications, they can also access the space with their email address. Every email notification contains a link to the space.


Are the emails available in other languages.

Currently the text of the emails is only available in english. But, of course any reference to tasks or comments in your space will be in the original language and not be translated.

Can I change the text of the emails?

No, we do not offer a functionality to change the text of the notification email, as they are send out automatically.

Technical Details

From which domain are the emails sent?

All emails are send from [email protected].

Can I send the email from my own domain?

No. Currently that is not possible. If you want to send emails from your

How do you ensure my buyer receives the emails? What about spam filters?

We constantly monitor email delivery rates and will contact you directly if any issues arise. Additionally, we collaborate closely with external consultants and our friends at Brevo to ensure our email notifications reach your buyers inbox.

However, since security settings and spam filters vary widely among different companies and individuals, we cannot guarantee that notifications will reach the inbox every time.

Additional information for Valuecase users

Can sellers receive these emails as well?

You can activate seller email notifications in your settings. Alternatively, you can also add internal collaborators to the stakeholder list in a space and activate email notifications for them.

Do buyers receive the same emails as I do?

Only partially. Buyer email notifications are only a small subset of notifications available to sellers. The notification options available for sellers via email and in the activity feed are way more granular. For buyer email notifications we have focused on a small set of highly important actions to drive your deal forward.

How do I know if an email has been sent to my buyer?

We display an event in the activity feed for each email sent to your buyer.

Do I get insights, whether a buyer opened the email?

Currently, we do not provide insights if the email was read by your buyer. However, these numbers are not always accurate since some email tools count anti-spam bots and automated security checks as opens. Instead, you can see if a stakeholder visited the space after receiving an email notification in your activity feed.

Can buyers reply to the email notifications?

The email is a no-reply email address. If buyers reply, they will be notified, that the email address is unable to receive mail.

Do I have to pay extra to use this feature?

No, buyer email notifications are a new feature included in your existing subscription plan at no additional costs.

Are there plans to introduce additional notification types in the future?

Yes! Let us know, if there are any other events that you send out manual emails for at the moment, and we are happy to discuss options to automatise this follow-up together with you.

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