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Manage user and notification settings

Add your stakeholders' email and learn more about the events.

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Add a buyer's email address to your space.

In the space 'Settings' you can add new users and add an email address to existing users. First open the 'Stakeholder & notifications' tab.

Add a new user:

  • Click 'Add new user' on the upper right side of the user list and enter the user's name and email.

  • Or, click 'Share' on the top right of the space and select 'Edit or add' to include new users.

Add email to an existing users:

  • To add an email to an existing contact, in 'Settings' > 'Stakeholders & Notifications', click on the 3-dot menu in the 'Action' column on the right side of the list or the 'add e-mail address button' next to a stakeholder with no email.

  • In the pop-up, just type the email address of the user and click on 'done' to confirm.

Please note: All known stakeholders are automatically added to the user list. This includes people who are given access to the space via the sharing settings, people who accessed the space via domain authentication, assignees added to an action plan including placeholders and the main buyer contact selected during space creation.

Select the notification events you want to enable.

Tick the box in the respective column to enable email notifications. Notifications are triggered each time when the corresponding event occurs in your space:

  • All comments: For replies or any comments added to the space.

    Users will get notifications, whenever a comment is posted to the space, any block or MAP. They will not get notified for comments they make themselves.

  • Task assigned: When the buyer is assigned to a space.

    Users will receive notifications only when they personally are assigned to a task, but not when tasks are assigned to others.

  • Task due today: Send on the due date of tasks assigned to that user.

    Users will only receive notifications for task assigned to them.

  • Milestone done: Send when a milestone in a space is completed.

    Send to all users who have that event notification enabled, regardless of whether they are assigned to a task or not.

Want to learn more about the logic behind our buyer e-mail notifications?

Check out our FAQ to see how the email look, detailed settings and more.

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