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How our engagement score works
How our engagement score works
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What is the Engagement Score?

The Engagement Score is a single, 3-level score available for each individual Valuecase space. By showing you how much stakeholders have interacted with one of your Valuecase spaces in the past 14 days, it helps you understand in seconds which deals or onboarding projects are healthy and moving, and which are at risk and require your immediate attention.

There are three levels of engagement:

  • High (top quartile)

  • Medium (median)

  • Low (bottom quartile)

Additionally, the score will be marked as 'N/A' if the space has not shown any activity in past 14 days.

How is the Engagement Score Calculated?

The Engagement Score is comprised of 4 sub-scores which we are basing on historic benchmarks of what top quartile, average, and bottom quartile engagement looks like. When calculating the scores, we only take the last 14 days into account to ensure that the score is not artificially inflated by past, now insignificant engagement.


Why is this important?

Number of visits

Well, one visit is required to have any activity. Repeat visits are a great signal that your stakeholders have genuine interest in your offering.

Activities per visit

The number of activities per visit differentiates buyers who are just briefly browsing from those who show deeper interest in your offering.

Non page-view interactions

Browsing through pages on a Valuecase space is great. What's even better, are stakeholders who perform additional actions such as marking a task as complete, or interacting with your testimonials.

Unique active stakeholders

More is not always better. But here it is. Our unique benchmarks clearly show that more active stakeholders on a Valuecase space correlates strongly with higher conversion rates and larger ACVs.

Viewing Engagement Scores

  1. Navigate to your space list where you'll find the Engagement Score displayed next to each space.

  2. For a more detailed view, click on the health score to view a breakdown of the contributing factors described above.


Can I sync the engagement score into my CRM?

Not yet, but you can sync the underlying activity metrics. Contact us to learn more.

Can I adjust the input factors of the health score?

Currently, this is not possible, but we plan to provide this functionality in the near future to allow customisation of the health score for your individual use case. Please reach out to us if you have any specific requirements.โ€‹

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