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Space List Filters and Columns
Space List Filters and Columns

Change the view to see more details like MAP progress, engagement, owners and more.

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The space list is the central place to find and manage all your spaces. Beyond creating spaces, we've added a number of powerful controls here to help you keep an overview on the progress of your spaces.

View more columns

You can add additional columns to the space list to see more information about your spaces.

Click on the "Columns" button below the "Create new space" button, and select the checkboxes for the columns you would like to add. To hide columns from your view, just deselect the corresponding boxes.

Sort columns

You can sort any column from Lowest to Highest or A to Z and vice versa. Just click on

the column name in the first row. By default spaces are sorted by the Created Date.

Apply filters

You can apply specific filters to look for spaces that fulfill certain criteria. By default the filters 'My Spaces' and 'Active Spaces' are applied. To access all filters please click on the '+add filter' button above the space list. The following options are available:

  • Space Owner: Select this filter options to see spaces from specific colleagues or by everyone in your company.

  • Active Spaces: Choose to display either active or archived spaces in your space list.

  • Action Plan Status: Filter by the status of a spaces' action plan, e.g. for example, you may want to filter only for spaces that are overdue to take action.

  • Template: Filtering by specific templates can be useful, if you organize your templates to segment customers.

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