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Make your own Intercom chat available Valuecase Spaces
Make your own Intercom chat available Valuecase Spaces

Learn how to activate our Intercom integration

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Please contact us via email or Slack if you want to use Intercom chat in your Valuecase Spaces.

We do not charge for this service; however, it requires a quick configuration on our side which we are happy to perform upon request.

Additionally, you must have your own Intercom subscription.

How to Enable Intercom for Your Spaces

In Valuecase, you can enable Intercom on a Template level. That means if the Intercom chat is enabled for a Template, it will become active for all Spaces created from that Template.

In Valuecase, there are just two steps you need to take to enable Intercom:

  1. Provide your Intercom ID: In the Dashboard, navigate to 'Administration' > 'Company Settings' and enter your Intercom ID in the designated field.

  2. Activate Intercom for a Template: Open the Template for which you want to enable Intercom, navigate to โš™๏ธ Settings, and activate the toggle for the Intercom integration.

Please note: You may need to add your Valuecase workspace domain to the list of trusted domains in Intercom. This can be done in the Intercom Messenger settings under General > Keep your Messenger secure. Detailed instructions are available in the Intercom help center.

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