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Collaborative Block
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The collaborative block allows both buyers and sellers to write text in a shared text field. This feature provides a space for buyers to leave notes, feedback, or even to request information on your space, which can greatly improve collaboration between buyers and sellers.

Here's how it works:

  1. Add the collaborative block to a space or template.

  2. You may add some text directly in the blank space within the block to prompt your buyer for an input.

  3. Your buyer can now also write text in the block.

Here's a short visual summary of the main editing functionalities:

Use Cases

The collaborative block provides flexible options to gather information from your buyers and is a crucial step towards enabling a collaborative buying journey. Here are some typical use cases:

  • Use as a form to collect information: Simply type in a few questions or data you require from your customers and let them complete the form inside the space. This enables frictionless data collection across your selling journey, from lead qualification to onboarding planning.

  • Get feedback to improve your space πŸš€: Request feedback from your buyers at the end of the space. For instance, ask if they missed any information or have any suggestions to improve the space."

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