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How to copy blocks?
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How to copy blocks?

Copying blocks is a helpful feature, allowing you to reuse blocks you've created with their specific characteristics and content. You can save time and effort in creating new blocks from scratch. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to copy and reuse blocks:

  1. Find the block you want to reuse in your space.

  2. Copy the block - Hover over the block and click on the three dots menu next to it. From the menu, select "Copy block".

  3. Paste the block - To paste the block somewhere else, click on "Add block" and select the copied block from the list in the top left corner.

  4. Reuse the block - The copied block will now be available to reuse.

And the best is: You can copy blocks from one space to another, in between templates, from spaces to templates, and vice versa.

Here's a short visual summary of the main editing functionalities:

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