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Action Plan Milestones Block
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How to add the Action Plan Milestones Block?

The action plan milestones Block enables you to automatically summarise the status of an "Action Plan Block" in a more visual way. It is possible to use it for the correspondingly assigned Action Plan on different pages within the space.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You have a "Mutual Action Plan Block" with different tasks

  2. Add the "Action Plan Milestones Block" in the sidebar

  3. You can see the progress of the "Action Plan Block here" (with corresponding due dates)

Here's a short visual summary of the main editing functionalities:

In case you have more than one "Mutual Action Plan Block", you can link the relevant block in the sidebar left:

Use Cases

The most common use case is to include the Milestone Progress Block on the first page of your space for buyers. This allows buyers to quickly get an overview on the status of their action plan.

Additionally, many users place a progress bar at the top of their Action Plan page. This provides a concise visual representation of MAP progress, offering an immediate overview on top of the detailed Action Plan.

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