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How to find all editing options and settings.

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Before exploring the template editing and customisation process, familiarise yourself with the layout and where to access the necessary settings.

Layout of the template

  1. The editor is the main hub for creating and adjusting the template. It displays the editing area on the left side where you can manage pages and blocks, add or remove them, and rearrange their placement.

  2. The checklist feature is an excellent tool to guide sales teams in creating personalized spaces for their clients. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the template and is a simple way to highlight blocks that require customization during the space creation. This feature is an advanced feature that can be overlooked during the initial setup.

  3. In the settings, you can switch the language used in the template.

  4. Here you can see how the pages will appear to customers.

  5. The overview section gives you a bird's-eye view of the pages or blocks from an editing perspective. Clicking on a page in 6 switches the view to the "Blocks overview".

  6. Depending on your selection, different pages or blocks will be displayed here.

  7. This is how the template will appear live. You can directly edit the blocks here

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