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Title Block
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How to add a Title Block

The title block is a useful tool for organising and structuring content in your spaces. Here's how to add a title block to spaces and templates:

  1. Click on the blue "+" button in the sidebar to add a new block and select the "Title Block".

  2. By default, the block has a headline and a description text, where you can start typing immediately.

You can include your buyers' company logo in the title block to personalise the space. The logo editing options depend on the where you add the title block:

  • In a template: If you add a title block to a template, a placeholder image will be displayed. The placeholder image will will automatically be replaced with the buyers’ logo.

  • In a space: All title blocks including blocks you add to a space after its creation will automatically be populated with the customer logo.

If you do not want to use a logo in a specific title block, you can simply hide the logo via the toggle in the sidebar next to the logo image.

How to edit the logo

In some cases, it might be necessary to adjust your buyers' logo to make sure the contrast fits your space background. Here is how to edit the logo:

  1. Navigate to the settings tab.

  2. Select the layout and design options you desire. You have the following editing options for the logo:

    1. Upload a new logo file by clicking on "change" and select and image from your files.

    2. Set the logo shape to round or squared.

    3. Pick a background color - this is in particular helpful to improve the visibility of logos with a transparent background.

The changes will automatically be applied to all title blocks within your space. So you don't need to work through all of them individually.

Use cases

The title block is intended to help improve structure of content and make your space more visually appealing. This will encourage visitors to read and engage with your content. Here are typical use cases:

  • Welcome message: Use the title block at the top of your first page to greet your buyer when he opens the space.

    💡 Tip: Use a personalisation placeholder to customise the message for your buyer.

  • Page title: Include the title block at the top of a page to inform the buyer about the information it holds. By using a clear and distinctive title, you can help visitors quickly understand the purpose and main ideas of a page.

  • Section divider: The title block can also be used as a section divider to help organise content into different sections or subsections. Simply insert one or multiple title blocks in between other blocks on a page. Breaking up long pages into smaller subsections can help visitors quickly scan and understand the structure of your content, and make it easier for them to find what they need.

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