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How to add a Content Block

The content block is one of the key building blocks when creating a space, due to its versatility and wide range of use cases supporting the presentation of your content. Here's how to add it to your spaces and templates:

  1. Click on the blue "+" button in the sidebar to add a new block and select the "Content Block".

  2. By default, the block will have a headline and text field, where you can start typing text immediately. Now you can start editing.

Editing options

Learn how to edit text, include media elements, embed website content, and change the layout.

Text editing

Simply click on one of the text fields to start editing. Double-click or mark a text to open the text editing options and select the styling option you would like to apply as shown in the image below:

Upload media elements and embed website content

  1. Click on "+add media item" to open the file picker.

2. In the file picker you can select content from multiple sources:

  • Embed website content, simply by posting a Loom, Youtube, Calendly, or HubSpot Meeting URL.

  • Upload custom iframe code.

  • Upload a file from your computer.

3. 3. After selecting your media, a confirmation window will appear. Click "upload to block" to finalise the upload. Now you can view the content in your block.

Layout options

To change the layout, select the tab "Layout" in the sidebar. Then select one of the five available layout types.

πŸ’‘ Tip #1 Carousel view:

You can upload more than one file per content block. You, and later your buyer, can navigate through the content items by using the navigation arrow panes on the left and right side of the file.

πŸ’‘ Tip #2 File preview and full screen:

  • Click anywhere on the file to open an enlarged preview (except for videos and embeds). Here you and your buyer also have the option to download or copy the URL of the file.

  • Click on the full-screen symbol on the upper right hand of the file preview to open the media item in full screen. To leave full-screen mode, press ESC on your keyboard.

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