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Interactive List
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How to add a new Interactive List Block

The interactive list block combines a number of list items, that can be expanded or closed by simply clicking on the headline, similar to an accordion. Here's how to use it in your spaces and templates:

  1. To add a new block, click the blue β€œ+” button in the sidebar and select the "Interactive List".

2. The main editing options are the same as for all block types:

  • To add text, simply click on the text field you want to edit and start typing.

  • Add additional list items via the sidebar.

3. You also have the option to add media items via the sidebar. All typical media items are supported, including images, videos, PDF files and embeds, e.g. Loom, Youtube, Calendly and custom iframes.

4. To expand or close an item, click on the headline or the arrow next to the item.

Note: The first item will always be expanded by default, when your buyer visits the space.

Here's a short visual summary of the main editing functionalities:

Use cases

The interactive list block is best suited to provide your buyer with an overview of available options, that the buyer can deep-dive into on demand based on individual interest. Compared to common tools like e-mails or powerpoint presentations, the interactive list keeps the level of information manageable, while at the same time allowing to deep-dive into specific topics.

  • Features: Showcase key features and explain the benefits in the expandable details section, possibly complemented by a product image.

  • Integrations: Provide a list of your integrations, and allow your buyer to easily get more information on the relevant one's.

  • FAQ: Pro-actively address commonly asked questions and objections your buyer may have.

  • And much more... We are excited what other creative ideas you come up with to leverage the capabilities of our "Interactive List Block"!

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