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How to comment on blocks & spaces
How to comment on blocks & spaces
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Comments are an essential part of our communication these days. That's why we've made it as easy as possible for you to write comments, ask questions, mention important things, or generally communicate with others in real-time from your keyboard.

To do so, simply navigate to the top right corner of your space and click the "Comment" button in the top bar.

A sidebar will open, prompting you to post a comment. After you clicked "post", your comment will appear down below, with the option for others to reply to that comment.

However, if you want to comment on a specific block, you can also do so by simply navigating to the page, then to the block you want to comment on, and then clicking on the comment icon to the right of the block. The color of the icon changes from gray to blue when there are comments on a block.
You should know that all comments whether block specific or not can be accessed via the "Comment" button in your topbar.

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