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How to invite colleagues to join your Valuecase account
How to invite colleagues to join your Valuecase account

Invite your team to Valuecase and learn how to manage users, roles and permissions.

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Add new users to your Valuecase account

You can easily invite new users from within your company to your Valuecase account.

  1. Click on "Administration" in the side bar of your Valuecase dashboard and go to User Management. (To view the User Management settings, please make sure to be logged into your company's Valuecase admin account)

  2. Click on the blue “Add User +” button in the top right corner of the User Management page.

  3. In the pop-up that opens, select a role and input name and email of the new user. By clicking on the small arrow in the “Select a role” box, a dropdown menu will open up in which you can set the user’s role to one of the available permission levels. Make sure the email address is spelled correctly and click on send invite afterward.

Now, your colleague will receive an email with an activation link. Upon clicking on the activation link your colleague will be taken to the account creation process.

Please keep in mind that inviting new users may have implications on your billing.

Tip: If your colleague lost the invitation email, you can resend the invite. Navigate to the user list and find the email of the person. Click on the 3 dot action menu on the right side of the list and select "Resend invite."

Manage users and roles

Where to find and change roles and permissions.

In the left side bar go to the administration menu and select user management.

Within the user management page, every user, user e-mails and the respective role and permission status are displayed. You can change an existing user’s role & permissions by clicking on the small arrow right next to a users entry in the column “Role & Permissions”. In the dropdown that opens up, you can choose between all available permission levels for the selected user.

What are the different permissions and how to use them?

There are four different roles that can be assigned:

  1. Administrator

    Administrators are the “managers” of each space. Only administrator-level users can add and delete users or change the roles & permissions of other users. Of course they also can create, edit & delete templates and spaces. Therefore, Administrators have the highest level of both, administrative and editing rights.

  2. Template & Space Manager

    Template & Space Managers do not have any administrative rights, but the full range of editing rights. They can view, create, edit & delete templates and spaces.

  3. Full Space Editor

    Full Space Editors basically share the same level of permissions with Template & Space Managers, but their editing rights are limited to spaces only. They can view, create, edit & delete spaces, but do not have access to templates.

  4. Guided Space Editor

    Guided Spaced Editor can view and create spaces, and can edit all blocks that are included in the checklist, but do not have access to the editor. Similar to Full Space Editors, they do not have any permissions regarding templates.

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