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Finalise your space
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πŸš€ Finalise your space

After you created a new space, you have the ability to customize the space for your specific lead. However, most if not all information should already be pre-filled from the template. We recommend checking each page for missing information before sharing a space. You may want to add a personal message, include relevant features or upload additional files. Detailed information on editing options can be found here from "Navigate the sidebar" onward.

πŸ“ Did you know about our checklist feature?

The template creator can include a checklist that helps guide you through the finalisation process of your space.

To access the checklist, simply click on the "Checklist" button. From here, you can view and complete the necessary tasks to customize the space for your buyer. The progress bar will show your progress as you complete each task. The creator of the template can showcase the purpose of each task, by including descriptions.

πŸ’‘ The checklist feature is a convenient and efficient way to ensure your space is fully customised and ready to be shared with your buyer.

Here's a short visual summary of the main editing functionalities:

After you reviewed the content and may have added a personal note here and there, the space is ready to be shared with your buyer.

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