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Dashboard: A guide to understand the user interface
Dashboard: A guide to understand the user interface

Understand how the dashboard works.

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🔎 Overview of the layout of the dashboard

The first thing you'll see when logging into your account is the dashboard. The page is the main interface where you can find relevant information and settings. You'll find all options consolidated in the menu on the left side. Depending on your role, you'll see different options here. In this small guide, we'll take a look at the different parts of it to help you get started.

1. Spaces

In the space list you can get a quick overview of your active spaces. Here you can create new spaces, and access existing spaces. In addition, you can use the search to find the space you are looking for and click on one the header of the table to change the sorting. In addition, you can access additional actions for each space, like archiving and deleting, via the 3-dot-menu on the right hand side of the table.

2. Templates

Here, you can manage and create templates. You can create additional templates by using our library or duplicating one of your existing templates. In addition, you can edit Template Names and Descriptions from here. You can also archive templates so they can't be used to create new spaces anymore.

3. Activity Feed

The activity feed gathers updates and notifications regarding your spaces. Actions performed within your space will trigger notifications in this feed, along with the time of the corresponding action.

4. Analytics

This section is only accessible for users with Administration permissions.

The analytics tool provides you with important insights into your prospect’s behavior. Valuecase analytics contain different charts that allow you to:

  • Track trends in buyer visits and activities. Use analytics to see how many prospects visited your spaces and when.

  • Understand the performance of your sales team on Valuecase. Get insights on how many spaces your sales reps created and how many of them are visited by prospects.

Data-driven decisions along the buyer-seller journey enable you to maximize your sales potential! Use Valuecase analytics to visualize, comprehend, and optimize. More insights are coming soon!

5. My Settings

The My Settings button takes you to the user settings, where you can customise your account:

  • Profile Account: This section allows you to update your personal information, including your name, job position, email, and phone number. It's important to keep this information up-to-date so that your buyers can easily reach you.

  • Mail Notifications: In the notifications section, you can choose which activities you'd like to receive notifications for via email. This way, you never miss an important update or action taken within your spaces.

  • Integrations: Currently, we offer integrations with HubSpot and Slack, with more to come in the future. This section provides information on available integrations and how to set them up.

6. Administration

This section is only accessible for users with Administration permissions.

  • Company Settings: Here you can customize your spaces, by uploading your companies brand assets. Changes made here are automatically reflected across all your spaces and templates.

  • User Management: In this section you can invite new users, change permissions and delete old users.

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