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How to use the welcome pop-up
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We're happy to announce that we launched a new feature for your Valuecase spaces and templates - the welcome pop-up!

What is the welcome pop-up?

The welcome pop-up allows you to launch a short welcome message whenever a buyer visits the space for the first time in form of a pop-up, improving the onboarding process and first impression of the space for viewers.

How to activate the welcome pop-up?

The welcome pop-up feature is available in templates and spaces and using it works the same way in both. In the 'Pages Overview' of your 'Editor', the 'Welcome Pop-Up' box will always remain on top. To activate, simply click on the toggle button right next to it and the welcome pop-up will be displayed on your screen.

How to edit & use it?

You can then edit the welcome text such that it represents what you want your buyer to see when first opening a space. Additionally, you can enter your contact details, so space visitors immediately know how to reach you.
After you finished editing, either click on the blue 'Enter the space' button or on the grey 'cross' in the top-right corner and the pop-up will vanish again, allowing you to continue with your template/space creation.
Whenever you want to edit your welcome pop-up, simply click anywhere on the 'Welcome Pop-Up' box in the sidebar. The pop-up will re-open, allowing you to edit it.

How to deactivate it?

If you want to deactivate the welcome pop-up, just click on the blue toggle button in the respective box in the sidebar again. It will turn back to grey and the welcome pop-up will no longer be shown to space visitors on their first visit.

Congrats! You now know how to use the welcome pop-up to create an even better onboarding experience for your buyer and to facilitate their first space visit.

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