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Setting up the Valuecase Activity Feed in Salesforce
Setting up the Valuecase Activity Feed in Salesforce

Learn about the one-time setup of custom objects to sync Valuecase events to your Salesforce opportunities.

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In this guide, we describe how to set up a Valuecase Activity Feed in a Salesforce organisation account where sellers can connect their Spaces to Salesforce objects and view Valuecase activities directly in Salesforce.

Once you've connected to Salesforce our integration will automatically setup a custom object and setup the required fields for the activity feed.

All that is left on your side is to adjust the layout of your object to display the Activity Feed.


System Administrator Profile or Equivalent Permissions: Typically, the System Administrator profile will have the necessary permissions. If you're not using the System Administrator profile, you must have a profile or permission set with the following permissions:

  • View Setup and Configuration: This is necessary to access the Setup area.

  • Create and Customize Objects: Allows you to create new custom objects and edit existing ones.

  • Modify All Data: This permission ensures that you can make changes across the platform, including creating relationships like the Master-Detail.

Adjust the page layout to include the Activity Feed.

Adjusting the page layout settings works the same way for all Salesforce objects, regardless of whether you want to change the view for Opportunities, Cases, Companies, or Contacts. In our case, we'll use 'Opportunities' as an example:

  1. Go to page layout settings

    Visit Opportunities > [Top-right Gear Icon] > Setup > Object and Fields > Object Manager > Opportunity > Page Layouts and click on the Page Layout that is currently active (default: Opportunity Layout)

  2. Open the related lists tab.

  3. Drag the Valuecase Opportunity Activity Feed field into the position where you want it to appear in the layout.

  4. To extend the information that is shown by default, click on the small tool icon (🔧) next to item you just dragged, select "Activity Type", "Summary", and "Created Date" and hit "Add". Change order as per your preference and click "OK".

  5. Save the changes by clicking "Save" in the top left below "Opportunity Layout" (click "Yes" in the popup that opens).

And that's it! You have now successfully set up a Valuecase Activity Feed in Salesforce.

💡Hint #1

Create a report of the type “Opportunities with Valuecase Activity Feed”, go to Columns, click in the “Add column…” input and scroll down to the heading “Valuecase Activity: Info”, to add fields like “Activity Type” to your reports.

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