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Custom Properties

Use custom properties to further personalize Spaces for your stakeholders.

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Custom properties allow you to take personalisation of Valuecase Spaces to the next level. In Valuecase, you can add your own custom properties that can be used as text placeholders and for content automation. They usually represent information about your buyer or customer, which is then used to automatically personalize your Space.

These properties can be inserted in Templates texts to be automatically replaced with the right information during Space creation and for setting up content automation rules.

Set up custom properties

In order to set up custom properties, you need to have the Admin permissions in Valuecase.

  1. To add new custom properties go to ⚙️ Administration > Space Properties.

  2. Click on '+add property' to add a new custom property.

  3. Next, enter a name. The display name is the name of the custom property that will be displayed in Valuecase whenever it is used, for example when adding the property to a Template or during Space creation.

Optionally, you can also edit the following fields or, just click 'save property' to finalize property creation.

  • Insert property key name(optional): This field is only relevant if you are using our API. Here, you can change the name of the key the API will use to call this custom property. Otherwise, we'll automatically generate a key based on the Display Name. Be careful: You can not edit the key name after the property has been created.

  • Drop-Down: You can predefine a set of possible options that people can select from when providing a value for the custom property. For example, for a field "Currency" you may only want to allow the values Euro, Dollar and Pound.

Lastly, click on 'save property' to create the property. You can still edit display name and drop-down values later.

Edit properties

To edit properties, simply click into the text field again.

Please note that you can only delete a property if it's not used in a Template. We've introduced this safety mechanism to make sure you don't accidentally delete properties that are still in use.

Use custom properties in Spaces and Templates

Custom properties can be used in two ways: as placeholders for text and in content automation to set rules for the visibility of pages and blocks.

Custom properties as text placeholder

To insert a custom property into a text as a placeholder:

  1. Click into any text field and open the Rich Text Editor by double-clicking or highlighting text where you want to insert the custom property.

  2. Select '+placeholder' in the text options bar. Here you will find the system placeholders (Company Name, First Name, Last Name) along with your custom properties.

  3. Select the custom property you want to insert.

The custom property will now be inserted at the respective part of your text. Please double check if it's inserted in the right place and if the spacing is correct.

Custom properties for content automation

Custom properties are used as input values for our content automation, that allows you to automatically show or hide content during Space creation, based on predefined rules. For details on how to setup content automation, please read our article on content automation.

Provide values for custom properties during Space creation

When you create a Space from a Template that contains custom properties, you'll be asked to provide values for these custom properties to create the Space. In both cases, the provided input will be automatically populated and applied during Space creation.

Space creation via our dashboard (standard flow)

If you create a Space via the Valuecase interface, and select a Template that contains any custom properties, you will be asked to provide values during the last step of Space creation.

Space Creation via API

If you are using our API to create Spaces, use the property key names to pass the correct information for Space creation.

View and edit custom properties in a Space.

You can still see and update the property values after Space creation. Simply head to the Space Settings and open the Space Properties tab. Here you can update the text value of the custom properties. Visibility status of pages and blocks, as well as text placeholders will adjust automatically.

💡Tip 1: See where your custom properties are used

On the settings page for custom properties, hover over the 'delete property' button to see in which Templates the custom property is used.

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