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Benefits of using templates

A quick overview on the template setup.

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πŸ”Ž Overview on how to finalise a templates.

You have now read our articles on creating a template and the layout of the template page (if not, you can find them here). After duplicating one of our predefined templates, you can start editing your first template. With a range of pages and blocks already included, you can easily add and edit the elements you need to correspond to your needs.

πŸ›  Create and edit blocks and pages in your template

Your first step is to add and edit different blocks to your first page. You can find all the information you need on how to edit all kinds of blocks and pages in our deep dive section, please be sure to check it out if you need more guidance.

βš™οΈ Create a space based on a template

In a second step, your sales reps can now use the template you created to customize spaces for their buyers. They will be able to see all the pages and blocks you have set up, so they can easily add their own information and customise their first space out of many. Articles on editing and creating spaces are available in our help center here.

πŸ“ Use a checklist to guide the space creation process

Did you already know about our checklist? You can create it to guide your sales reps through creating a customised space and ensure they are following all steps to create the highest value. With the help center, this tool will provide your sales reps with everything they need to set up their first space. Check out this amazing feature here.

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