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Action Plan Block
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How to add a new Action Plan Block

The mutual action plan block is a key building block to turn the buyer seller relationship from a one-way street into a collaborative experience. It enables you to align on next steps to accelerate the process, create transparency on responsibilities among all stakeholders, and engage your buyer to actively participate during the sales journey. Here's how to setup an action plan block in your spaces and templates:

  1. To add a new block, click the blue “+” button in the sidebar and select the "Action Plan Block".

  2. Next, click on the "New Milestone" field and type a headline for the first milestone.

  3. You can add tasks below the milestone or add another milestone by clicking on the respective fields within the action plan block.

Detailed editing options

The action plan block also enables you to provide more context to individual tasks. Click next to a task name to open the task detail view. Here, you can include and edit the following additional information:

  • Assignee: Click on the "+" button to add an assignee. Select a name from the list or add someone by typing their name into the input field, and selecting their company, then clicking “add assignee”. You can add more than one assignee to a task.

  • Due Date: To add a due date, click on the calendar icon and select the date. To change a due date, simply click on the date again. You can also remove a due date by clicking on the "x" next to the date.

  • Quick Actions: The quick action button enables you to set a strong trigger for your buyer to complete a specific actions. There are three button types available, "book a meeting", "file upload" and "go to website".

    • If you add a "book a meeting" button the space owners URL will be automatically included, but you can also change it manually by pasting a new link into the text field.

    • The "files upload" button will automatically open a file upload window if clicked. Files uploaded via the button are available in the attachments section of the task details.

    • The "go to website" button can be used very flexibel. You can paste a link to any website and even change the text shown in the button by clicking inside the "go to website" field and changing the text.

  • Description: Simply click in the description field to add more context to a task.

  • Attachments: Click on "+ Add file" to upload any attachment.

  • Comment: Click inside the "Write comment" field and start typing to comment on a specific tasks. Valuecase users, including buyers, will be notified via e-mail about new comments.

When one of the detail options is used, a corresponding icon will appear in the overview next to the task so that all viewers know there is additional information available.

To learn more, check out the video walkthrough below:

💡 Tip: Template creation

The book a meeting URL will automatically be replaced with the space owners URL. You can also set placeholders for seller and buyer company, that will be replaced during space creation with the main contact.

💡Tip 2: See action plan progress in the space list.

Keep track of all your mutual action plans in one view: Just go to your dashboard, click on columns, and show the status and progress columns. Learn more here.

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